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Worldwide Diving Travel, Packages, and Liveaboard Cruises

     We have developed with time a worldwide diving travel connection and it is our pride and duty to help organize the safest and most enjoyable diving holidays possible! All of our suppliers on location are long time friends and/or operators who have been in the dive business for numerous years, extending their organizational and hosting skills to the level of a refined art.
     Our wish is to help you design the best diving vacations you will ever have. To be successful in that goal, we will outline the best ways to organize your diving vacations. Basically, divers can choose to organize their trips themselves, or they can use dive travel experts to help them. There are two major formulas you can choose from to organize your trips.
     The first way is that you can buy your plane tickets and fly to your diving destination, dealing with what has to come on location. Or, the second and most practical way, is to ask professionals to organize for you either a land based diving vacation or a diving liveaboard cruise in the waters surrounding your chosen location.
     The first way is the most adventurous, and the one where you are in charge of everything, including the facts that hotels are sometimes full, the monsoon doesn't allow diving in the region for the next 6 months, liveaboard vessels are full, plus the fact that a package booked from home would have been much cheaper!
     The second way shifts the burden on the organizer and will allow you to travel in a much more relaxing way, as the complete logistics in unknown areas are taken care of by travel experts who, knowing the region and the diving there well, can provide a problem free dive vacation.
     Diving vacations are organized in two major formats, depending on whether you want to do your dining and sleeping on land or on a liveaboard boat. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, financial and otherwise. It's up to you to choose which better suits your idea of a dive trip.

The Land Based Diving Vacation

     In this formula, the diver will use a dive operator's facilities for diving equipment, air or mixed gases requirements, and chartered vessel for day trips. This is combined with hotel or resort accommodation on a half board (breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) basis. These packages are run on a weekly format and more days can always be added. It has the advantage of including everything like airport transfers, tax and services fees, accommodation, meals and diving logistics.
     We can connect you with land based diving packages in the major diving destinations worldwide, such as: Red Sea, Caribbean, Maldives, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Lebanon, Micronesia, Australia Each link will transport you to a dream diving destination.
     We have been organizing land based diving vacations for many years and our packages are designed for your comfort, safety, fun, great value for your money, and above all, fantastic diving!

Diving Liveaboard Cruises

     The greatest advantage of diving from a liveaboard dive cruise vessel is that this formula minimizes the heavy logistics involved with diving activities and puts less stress on the divers as the travel from site to site is done at night when everyone is asleep. More dive sites and farther away dive sites can be covered than with a land based dive package. Your hotel is mobile! This option also brings to the diver an "all in one" package, including accommodation, meals, transfers, dives, tanks and weights. 
     The most wonderful thing about liveaboard vessels is that they give divers more opportunities to dive remote places, normally inaccessible by regular day trip boats as being too far away and out of range.
     Diving from a liveaboard vessel gives divers the thrilling experience of adventure, discovery and fun in a low stress, comfortable (sometimes luxurious!) environment. The vessel's competent crew will cater to your safety, fun, comfort, and entertainment. Liveaboard diving vessels worldwide usually have developed the local culinary traditions to a refined art through excellent cooks, who have been often named as the essential element on board together with your air/gas supply, God, and the skilled captain!
     We have extended connections with liveaboard operators worldwide, compiled after two decades of diving the best areas on the planet. From our experience, we have chosen these dive destinations for diving liveaboard cruises on a year round basis:
Red Sea, Maldives, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Micronesia, Scotland. Seychelles Borneo, Malaysia, Galapagos, Australia

Please follow the links to find the vessel and destination of your choice, or e-mail us for more details, schedule, and availability of any vessel.

We will find a great package to fit your schedule and budget!